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It's Democracy.

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Welcome to BigTentUSA – an inclusive and collaborative “Big Tent” where women learn together what it means to be a pro-democracy voter, what to look for in identifying pro-democracy candidates, and how to talk directly to the people in our lives about becoming informed and active citizens. 

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  • Pens Inked and Ready?

    Postcard Writing

    Send hand-written postcards to encourage young people in Wisconsin to vote for a new Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice. Mail postcards by March 3rd. he election is on April 4th. 

  • Get Your Stamps Out

    Letter Writing

    Wisconsin's got one of the strictest voter ID laws in the nation and with their primary elections coming up on April 4th you can help to ensure that every Wisconsin voter has the ID they need to cast a ballot that counts. Each letter delivers essential information and assistance to the voters most likely to be disenfranchised by Wisconsin's voter ID laws.

  • Read All About It

    We've got the scoop. Twice a month, our newsletter informs you about the real issues important to discuss with friends and actions you can take. All with a non-partisan but pro-democracy slant!

  • Those Lyin' Eyes

    George Santos promises he'll resign if 142,000 people demand it – the same number of votes he received in November. Let's help him find a little shame, and add your signature. (Sing along as you sign by clicking the word Petition above.)

  • Respond, s'il vous plait!

    Attend these Virtual Events

    We're keeping tabs on some great virtual events we think you'll enjoy. Check back here frequently and see what we've found.

Who we are

A National, Women-Led,
Pro-Democracy Coalition of Moderate Women
Standing for Truth, Freedom, Equality, and Justice for All

If you care about keeping your community and family safe, preserving your freedom to make your own healthcare choices, and ensuring every American has the right to choose their elected officials, then saving our democracy is your first priority.

Without a thriving democracy, we have no chance of addressing any of the issues we care about. That is why we join together – moderate, liberal, and conservative women – in this one-of-a-kind community organization to protect our freedoms that are on the line and stop hyperpartisan politicians and extremists from subverting our democracy.

Partner Alliances

Community Members


Time Zones


What Drives Us

Our Goal

Strengthen and preserve our democracy by ensuring that pro-democracy representation is the majority in federal, state, and local levels of government.

We work to empower a network of pro-democracy voting women – across the political spectrum – to vote with their values and not along party lines. Join us and we'll provide you with fact-driven information, spaces for critical dialogue with influential leaders, and pathways for you to take action.

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2023 Areas of Focus

  • Pro-Democratic Ideals
  • Voter Rights and Access
  • Election Integrity
  • Communities Safe from Gun Violence
  • Freedom to Make Health Care Choices


  • Effective Governance
  • Decent, Truthful, and Ethical Leadership
  • Positive, Solutions-Oriented Outlook
Our Commitment
Guiding Principles
What We Do
Education and Advocacy

Our Programming, formulated with politically moderate women in mind, encourages our community members to be engaged, responsible citizens and to vote with a clear understanding of the issues our country is currently facing. We learn together how to use fact-based dialogue with friends and colleagues to get out the vote.


We create virtual spaces for our community members to engage with influential leaders and organizations and learn about critical issues our country currently faces. 


  • Spotlight Speaker Series

Evening Events held twice a month, featuring a presentation from select thought leaders, authors, and politicians, whose work supports our values. Presentations are followed by a Q&A in which our attendees have the opportunity to engage directly with our speakers – and access to follow up after calls.


  • Tent Talks

Discussions and presentations twice a month during the day, offering a more intimate format than our Spotlight Series, with personalized conversations with grass-roots organizations and community-building among members.


  • Curated Resources

Check out our website TentSources page where you can read our own highly acclaimed newsletter and peruse our suggestions on other newsletters we like to read and podcasts we enjoy listening to.Also, check out our Tent Posts Blog.


  • Event Reccordings

Visit our website’s BigTent Event Recordings gallery for all of our Spotlight Speaker and Tent Talk events to date.

We empower our community members to pursue their own civic-minded journeys by sharing our vetted advocacy and funding opportunities.

  • Advocacy Training Workshops

Working with our partner organizations and our own “in-residence advocate,” Jessica Craven, we offer our community members virtual training in our own private zoom room. Whether you’re just learning or a seasoned advocate, if you care about activism, you will feel conformable and secure learning with us about the art of Pro-Democracy Advocacy.

  • Advocacy Events

We offer a private zoom room where our members reach out to voters via texts, letters, and phone calls in support of specific campaigns and policy initiatives. Members share experiences and help each other learn while participating from home and working at their own pace.

We're Listening

Members Tell Us We've Connected Them to a Personal and Relatable Community and, With Our Help, They're Now Prepared To Make a Difference.
40 Spotlight Speakers Events
35 Tent Talk Events
Over 35 Training Events
Sent 150,000 Texts
Sent 22,000 Letters
Called 5,000 Voters
Answered Voter Hotlines
Trained to be Poll Workers
Forged 60 Partner Alliances
Engaged 3,000 Community Members in
35 States & 23 Countries
What We've Accomplished
Our Impact

Our winning formula works. 

Together we are building an army of informed and engaged women who volunteer their time and resources to ensure all Americans can cast their ballots freely, safely, and equally.   

Since 2019, our reach has continued to expand.